Your bath is your spa

Your bath is your spa

The naturally occurring blues, aquas and greens of the sea make us feel at ease and help us unwind. Whatever the style of your home you can enjoy ‘health through water’ in your very own spa. No longer is the tub just a tub!

White is considered a hygienic neutral to use where germs can spread so it is popular for decor in the kitchen and bathroom. But the trend is to think of our bathrooms as a place of relaxation and the tub especially is key to this idea. Clinical no longer, the bathroom can replicate the appeal of a spa and colour links strongly to wellness. The Teuco bath, pictured above, balances the cleansing freshness of white with modern colourful stripes.

Even if we keep our all-white bathroom suite we can introduce colour in accessories, in the decor and window dressings. But when buying a new suite the choice is varied and as innovative materials become more affordable we can splash out on something that has aesthetic charm as well as being functional.

Vanessa Arbuthnott blue fabric seashells and sand

Image courtesy Vanessa Arbuthnott

The shower is where we wash, and the bath… well it’s a place to relax, meditate and dream.

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