yasmin chopin | TV makeovers not real life
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TV makeovers not real life

TV makeover show Essential Home for Romantic Living Room 1100x

TV makeovers not real life

Home renovation television programmes focus on the scene ‘before’ and the big reveal ‘after’ but they pay little regard to decisions made in the planning. Interior design is about making the right choices, a process that is time-consuming. In an edited half hour it’s impossible to show the breadth and depth of the business, but over the years the public begins to believe that magical results can be achieved with a virtual budget of zero.

Three things to bear in mind when watching these shows:

1) Retailers often donate their items – you need to question whether their goods appear in the final budget tally. Look out for the credits at the end of the show.

2) The crew and tradespeople work hard. From removing and demolishing to repairing and assembling; from preparing and painting to styling. Their time is never accounted for.

3) Someone has to make all the decisions beforehand, the interior designer. I’ve yet to see a fee allocated for this work on any TV show.

A successful makeover starts with a strong design. I’ve appeared in a TV makeover show with Linda Barker (of Changing Rooms fame). It was super fun. The concept is admirable. Make interior design more accessible; it is my motivation for offering two-hour consultations. But please don’t be overly influenced into thinking the popular shows reflect real life. They don’t.

Image credit: Essential Home