Tricks of the eye

Cuckooland dark interior Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Huntingdon

Tricks of the eye

‘Come and talk to us about interiors, we want to know the tricks of the trade’, said the events organiser from the Women’s Institute. And today I put the finishing touches to the slideshow I’ll be presenting this week. I know it will be a lot of fun! I’ve given talks to groups all over Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire and I’m continually inspired by the ladies’ cameraderie and warm welcome.

There are no secrets in interior design, the skill is in knowing when to use certain ideas and when not to. For example, the lounge in my tiny cottage needs a fresh coat of paint. At the moment it’s a pale turquoise blue – well I like colour and have the confidence to be very bold with pattern – so what shall I do with it in my makeover? Low ceilings and small windows suggest a light colour scheme, perhaps even going ‘all white’. An easy solution.

Paul Massey photo credit via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Bedford

Paint everything white, then it will seem larger, lighter and brighter. Or will it? It could appear rather clinical and cold. Is that the atmosphere I’m aiming for? Or do I want the opposite, cosy and warm? What if I painted with dark colours? Of course the answer is always in the effect you wish to create.

Homesense dark interior fireplace display via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Peterborough

Surprisingly, dark colours don’t necessarily make a space feel smaller especially if you merge the colour from the walls across the ceilings and floors. The eye tricks the brain. As you cannot easily make out the edges of each plane your imagination assumes the room’s bigger than it really is.  Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow – if you have a dark room, embrace it! Paint it a dark colour and be clever with your artificial lighting. Create an ambience full of drama, interest and even a bit of romance. There are benefits and disadvantages to either going light or going dark and it’s easy to take the middle road, but where’s the fun in that?!

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(Image credits: Feature image Cuckooland, white bedroom Paul Massey, dark lounge Homesense.)