The world of stripes

Black and white stripe Bemz fabrics Pink via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire

The world of stripes

I’m sure you’ve got some stripes in your wardrobe… a T-shirt, tie, skirt or a suit. It takes confidence to wear stripes. No doubt you’ll have chosen carefully, to make the right impression. Your style might be a casual blue and white banded stripe for a T-shirt, or a more formal elegant pinstripe for a jacket.

In the home you should exercise similar caution but don’t be intimidated. Are you ready for a change? Do you want to add some energy to your decor? Some patterns are continuous, like a barcode – others consist of a series of lines on a solid background. Stripes can be thick or thin, evenly spaced or varied, single coloured (monochrome) or multi-coloured. Stripes are effective in many situations, and I hope some of the following ideas will encourage you to try them.

Diagonal stripes make a space feel larger. For example: on walls, a diagonal stripe can ignore corners to carry the eye further; on floors, tiles set diagonally will stretch the room in all directions.

Wavy stripes add movement to a room. For example: on fabrics, wavy lines can accentuate the way a curtain drapes; on a large rug, a colourful wavy design adds a wow factor.

Zigzag stripes are fun. They spark up a room’s energy field, perfect for a playroom, or even a dining room. We’re perhaps more used to seeing black and white in zigzag form, as the ‘graphic trend’ remains strong, but this pattern can easily be softened. Imagine a pale peach on cream, or minty green on white.

Designers Guild Parini noir fabric Bemz orange and white stripe tablecloth via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire

Stripes don’t have to be eye-watering. When you look at a striped wallpaper on the roll, you might think it’s a bit much. But when it’s up and you’ve displayed your pictures, draped your curtains, placed your furniture, the pattern is broken up into interesting shapes, which make it both easy to live with and invigorating. Choose what suits your room best and be brave. And if you need a bit of help, get in touch.

(Images: Top image – Bemz. Second image – Left, Designers Guild Parini Noir fabric. Right, Bemz.)