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If you've never been to the World of Wedgwood I highly recommend you go! Plan your trip this Summer and enjoy the treats in store. Wedgwood UK is a well known brand - admired for its 'British-ness' and its longevity (it was founded on 1 May 1759).

Whoopee! You did it! Now you have moved in and the first night you cannot sleep for excitement, or maybe you didn't get the bed together in time? Once you start unpacking your 'to do' list will start to grow. Making it a home

If you asked me to design a laundry room for you I'd place it on the ground floor if possible, with access to the outdoors. In Summer it is a treat to take the ironing board outside and enjoy the fresh air and if you

My friends at Houseology created the infographic below - I think it's a good overview of the profession. (Image above is one of mine which I took in an historic building in Cambridge.) Here are a few extra comments relating to the question

The naturally occurring blues, aquas and greens of the sea make us feel at ease and help us unwind. Whatever the style of your home you can enjoy 'health through water' in your very own spa. No longer is the tub just a tub! White is considered a hygienic

For a happy smile put something on your desk or on your wall that gives you joy. Change it daily or weekly so you don't become blind to it. Ensure something from nature is visible whether it be a pot plant or a group of pretty

There cannot be a soul who doesn't find time outdoors in the country enjoyable and of course it will stimulate creativity. Fresh air and exercise in a green environment is beneficial to both mind and body. Use the therapeutic properties of plants and welcome them into

The colours had been set, the scene was developing and the furniture was on order so it was rather a nice surprise when I heard the announcement from Dulux UK that the Colour of the Year for 2016 was 'Cherished Gold' (pictured above). This rather unusual

Does your blog demonstrate more about you than any single page on your website? Blogging makes good business sense:- It makes you think about who you are writing for and ensures you clarify your sales message. This helps when you talk to people face to face, it makes you