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Dulux have chosen a muddy pink for their colour of 2018: their European based experts undertake a lot of research before arriving at a decision and it’s spot on in relation my own experience. Alone it may not excite you but team it with other

What do you do with all those cardboard boxes? You turn them into lampshades of course. Graypants is the trade name for the company that makes the planet shaped shades; they've cleverly turned recyclable scrap into a long lasting crafted item for the home. I've

Radiator or underfloor heating systems remove the need for additional appliances, yet it’s hard to beat romance of a real fire. A popular request is the wood burning stove - regardless of property style: modern, traditional, or in between. They look great and toast your

Do you go to bed with backache? Or wake in the morning creaking with pain? It might be because you sit in the same position for long stretches, focussed on your screen. You don't need me to remind you it's important to consider your posture,

The last quarter of the year is crazy busy in the interiors business. Trade shows and art fairs cram themselves into the September and October calendar and if, like Fi Burke, you're a creative artist you don't get a chance to catch your breath before pre-Christmas

Hall runners are back. In fact, as far as Belma Kapetanovic is concerned, they're alive and kicking! Belma showed her work at London Design Fair (LDF) this year - a truly sparkling event that showcases products from all over the world. Belma represented the best of

The venue is the new Nicholas Anthony showroom in Cambridge where they sell high end kitchens - the sort you dream about. Houzz UK organised the event; this company offers a website bursting with ideas, and you'll see all sorts of kitchens there. You can browse

This year the majority of my work in interiors has involved me helping people who have just moved into, or who are about to move into, a new home. Some are brand new houses, others are established properties in need of refurbishment. Home improvements are

I’m sure you’ve got some stripes in your wardrobe… a T-shirt, tie, skirt or a suit. It takes confidence to wear stripes. No doubt you'll have chosen carefully, to make the right impression. Your style might be a casual blue and white banded stripe for