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This year the majority of my work in interiors has involved me helping people who have just moved into, or who are about to move into, a new home. Some are brand new houses, others are established properties in need of refurbishment. Home improvements are

I’m sure you’ve got some stripes in your wardrobe… a T-shirt, tie, skirt or a suit. It takes confidence to wear stripes. No doubt you'll have chosen carefully, to make the right impression. Your style might be a casual blue and white banded stripe for

The nation is split between those who cook, and those who don't. We've become lazy, and that's no surprise when good quality food is ready to devour straight from the supermarket. My son, who lives outside of the UK, is a busy guy. Most days he

Desperate to bring in a sense of freedom and light, the scent of a garden fresh and green, we knock out the back wall and put in some bi-folds. If we can afford to

Children and grandchildren adore friendly slippers. When I came across these at Hector and Queen I was transported to an animal world filled with adventure stories. The company, based in Gloucestershire, offers a range of items from clothing to furniture. Their eco nursery range of wooden furniture

A loft conversion provides the ideal opportunity to star gaze or daydream. Enjoy the wonders of the universe as you relax and unwind, A bedroom at the top of the house is very special - quiet, restful and private. Position the bed under a skylight

‘Come and talk to us about interiors, we want to know the tricks of the trade’, said the events organiser from the Women’s Institute. And today I put the finishing touches to the slideshow I’ll be presenting this week. I know it will be a

What's feminine and what's masculine when it comes to design, and should we even be thinking about the differences? As a professional interior designer I'm conscious of certain taste preferences which can be described as gender related. These sit quietly at the back of my mind

Many clients ask me to inject the wow factor into their homes but they don't quite know what it is. Quite simply it’s a physical reaction to something you see… it’s about shocking the senses but also about firing up your imagination. Would you be inspired as I was when