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MEMOIR Dad liked to tidy things up with a coat of paint. He wasn't skilled like the men who wore white bib ’n' brace overalls, but most of the time Mum was grateful for his efforts. On one occasion when we returned from Kingston, (it was

As a symbol of romantic love a heart is at the centre of our emotions. We start to draw the shape early in childhood, its warm glow spells love. As we grow older the symbol signals different moods; strength, vitality, devotion. Some say that it was first associated

As I awoke to my radio alarm the presenters on the morning programme were chatting about sleep patterns. Prominent politicians and high flying business people often boast that they need only four or five hours sleep; the discussion centred around the likelihood of a person’s

Chuffed. Yes, and thankful. Thankful to have worked with so many clients throughout 2017 who were sufficiently pleased to take the trouble and write a review of my service for the Houzz UK website. Houzz®, is the leading platform for home renovation and design; many of

We're becoming more comfortable with quirky - here's my trend forecast for 2018. Five interior ideas promise to be strong through the year and my choice demonstrates our continued love of the old as well as our confidence to experiment. 1. Chairs with flair The sofa may have

Dulux have chosen a muddy pink for their colour of 2018: their European based experts undertake a lot of research before arriving at a decision and it’s spot on in relation my own experience. Alone it may not excite you but team it with other

What do you do with all those cardboard boxes? You turn them into lampshades of course. Graypants is the trade name for the company that makes the planet shaped shades; they've cleverly turned recyclable scrap into a long lasting crafted item for the home. I've

Radiator or underfloor heating systems remove the need for additional appliances, yet it’s hard to beat romance of a real fire. A popular request is the wood burning stove - regardless of property style: modern, traditional, or in between. They look great and toast your

Do you go to bed with backache? Or wake in the morning creaking with pain? It might be because you sit in the same position for long stretches, focussed on your screen. You don't need me to remind you it's important to consider your posture,