yasmin chopin | Residence at the Crypt
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Residence at the Crypt

St Pancras parish church crypt entrance caryatids above 1100x

Residence at the Crypt

The idea to apply for a residency at The Crypt, which lay beneath the parish church of St Pancras in London, emerged from a conversation I’d had with Caroline Salem, a mentor and teacher of performance and dance. She’d suggested I experience different places in order to experiment with my writing. I’d read about artists spending time in a crypt so I got in touch with Anne Noble-Partridge who manages the Crypt Gallery, and she offered me a week in the depths. She gave me the key and said I’d need to have a crypt buddy as it wasn’t a good idea to be down there alone… 

St Pancras parish church crypt red door 1100x

The Crypt red doors Yasmin Chopin caryatids St Pancras 1100x

To sit beneath a church for five consecutive days with five hundred and fifty-seven corpses is quite an ask but I did find two lovely ladies to join me. LilyAnn Green Coleman was game, I’d met her virtually through the Open University’s on-line forum for MA Creative Writing students. And Ali Walsh, joined me, she’s a medical writer who lives in Runcorn. We each had different objectives for being there and found the experience worthwhile. For me, it began a writing journey I hadn’t anticipated – a seed was set for a book – and I expect to have the first draft complete by the end of 2019.