yasmin chopin | Problem solving
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Problem solving

Garden building summer house shed office Cuckooland 1100x

Problem solving

Design is concerned with function and aesthetics, that is to say, how something works or performs and how it looks. To consider design as an artistic practice is only half of it. It is fundamentally a process of finding solutions to problems. In our homes problems tend to appear in multiples; not enough storage, awkward shaped rooms, dark corners, too many doors, poor circulation space, ugly pipes, peeling paint. It is a list that can grow the more you think about it. You could argue that the mere fact we have a home, a roof over our head, ought to be sufficient to make us happy. Yet our emotional response to space can be overwhelmingly positive or negative, and understanding the psychology involved is part of my role as an interior designer.

Spaces affect our senses, make us feel content, comfortable, ill-at-ease, sad. One aspect that plays a significant role in design and impacts on the way we feel is geometry. Take lines, angles, curves and shapes into account next time you improve your home or make a new purchase. Here are three shapes to consider for the home and garden:

Circles: fun and friendly

Imagine this summer house with a square window and it suddenly loses its funky appeal. Make it a party, dine at home cabaret-style around a circular table.

Squares: safe and strong

Find reassurance in a square’s equal dimensions. Feel grounded and comforted by the neatness of a square rug. Get a sense of stability when a square is cubed as in this planter.

Garden planter green Cuckooland 1100x

Hexagons: clever and classy

A single object can have impact but when this six-sided honeycomb shape is used in repetition it make patterns of complexity as each hexagon fits with the next. Evoke a soupçon of admiration amongst your friends with sophisticated hexagons.

Geometry Stone Masonry Hexagon Porcelain tile Walls and Floors Ltd 1100x

Image credits: Porcelain tile – Walls and Floors Ltd. Summerhouse, planter – Cuckooland.