yasmin chopin | Privacy and sharing
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Privacy and sharing

Data protection:

This is how I will deal with your data in respect to maintaining accurate records and protecting your privacy.

  • If you sign up to receive my Newsletter your name and email address will be held on the MailChimp system. You can unsubscribe at any time. I do not duplicate that information so if you unsubscribe that will be that. 
  • If you make an enquiry about my services, ask for a quotation or become a customer I will keep the basic data I need in order to provide you with a super-duper service. Sometimes clients come back for more so it is my responsibility to keep these records in good order and to keep them private. I do not share this data with anyone else. The only person, other than me, who is necessarily privy to client information (such as name and address) is my accountant. I do not employ anyone else. 
  • If you have made contact with me for business reasons via social media or in any other way that means it would be helpful for me to make a note of your contact details I will do just that, but I won’t share that information with anyone else. 

Periodically I will review the data I hold and if I think the data is no longer required I will delete it.

About sharing:

I aim to ensure the text on my website is original and that I have permission to use any images that are not my own and that I quote accurately when I have used other people’s words. 

If you want to share anything I have on my website you are free to do so, in fact I welcome positive sharing. However, please do not copy images or text without permission from me. Please ensure any references to items on my website are appropriately credited and linked back.