Refunkd tabe recycled materials 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design-2

Ursh Stevens is the brains behind Refunk’d. She creates bespoke industrial furniture and accessories from reclaimed metal and wood in her rural Cumbrian workshop. Ursh’s portfolio of work varies hugely and I’ve been watching new creations come to life for some time now. There is energy in her work – from mannequins to fuel pumps she brings materials back to life serving a new purpose.

Refunkd mannequin fuel pump 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design-2

  1. In 2015 Fareham Innovation Centre was launched by Oxford Innovation Centre and Ursh was commissioned to create a bespoke table using part of a Merlin/spitfire engine. There’s no limit to Ursh’s ingenuity.
  2. Refunk’d was commissioned to create some bespoke pieces for shops in the Middle East using vintage and retro furniture – it had to be painted and distressed to give an aged feel. The client returned for more and so far three containers of furniture have been shipped over.
  3. With regular appearances in national glossy magazines and pop up shop displays you’ll soon be recognising the style – it’s here to stay.

Refunkd graffitti arnarchist table 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design


Ursh has become a specialist in making quirky furniture from almost anything… if you’re feeling brave get in touch with her to discuss something you may have in the attic that needs a new lease of life! And she has some pieces for sale on her website.