Fi Burke

Fi Burke continuity art purple yellow sofa 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

Fi Burke is a talented multiple media artist. Most of her work is bespoke and site-specific. Fi creates her work with sensitivity and ensures that all her pieces enhance and transform the spaces they occupy. Her work has been exhibited in London, Berlin, Bristol, Derby and Nottingham, with recent pieces being seen in Cork Street and the Royal West Academy.

Fi Burke flow of time on paper art 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

Fi Burke timeless art 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

  1. A versatile artist. Not bound by one specific medium, Fi’s work can take the form of photography, collage, print, painting and more.
  2. When not in her studio, Fi works in healthcare settings curating large-scale exhibitions as well as supporting people of all ages and abilities in using creativity to improve wellbeing.
  3. When I met Fi I was struck by her open mindedness and ability to create art from scratch. She really does like to connect with how we experience life and takes into account all manner of things from social history to cultural references.

Fi Burke Summer Solstice Art 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design


Not being bound by a single medium gives Fi the freedom to let her work lead her. Have confidence in the artist-maker and give her all the information she needs to produce a work that is truly unique and specifically for the location you have in mind. Let Fi know your budget and explore concepts together!