New trends on show at Decorex International 2013

Silk route Central_Asian_Buddhist_Monks

New trends on show at Decorex International 2013

Decorex International 2013 is a London based annual trade show for the luxury interior design market and the theme this year is ‘Silk Route’. Prior to the show Decorex set up a Pinterest competition and asked designers to put together images inspired by the theme, which references exotic travel, trade in spices and precious stones, the transmission to China of art, culture and Buddhism, as shown in the image above of two monks. I went slightly ‘off piste’ with my Pinterest board because my mind went from’silk’ straight to gorgeous flowing fabrics and there was no better place to go for inspiration than the catwalk! And for passion there is no better colour than red!

Decorex catwalk red dresses Silk route collage

Trends are set in motion 3 or 4 years in advance of them hitting the high streets. Detailed market research sets off a flow of new ideas which churn through a robust process of consultation. Trends are developed in relative secrecy. Colours, patterns and textures are reworked and recreated to make new combinations that excite and refresh. A few years later all this activity results in a set of design concepts that can be published to the trade. Every new theme is ‘of its time’ and relevant to what is happening in the wider world.

The catwalk is a good place to see new trends when they first come into public view and they are really important for the interior design business. Many of the ideas we see on the catwalk allude to ‘must have’ items for the home, from the colour of your sofa to the style of a chair, and whilst designers don’t follow trends blindly it makes commercial sense to be trend aware.

The worthy winner of the Pinterest competition is Watts 1874 and congratulations go to them for their imaginative use of graduated colour through their board.

My Pinterest boards can help you develop a style for your home. What is your favourite?

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