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Natalia’s first home

Yasmin Chopin Peterborough interior design Desenio prints 1100x

Natalia’s first home

It was such fun helping Natalia get the look she wanted. I was initially invited for a two-hour consultancy session which took place before she moved in; we talked about decor, storage, window dressings, furniture layout, wardrobe design, accessories and an art wall. It’s amazing how much you can cover in a short time and when I left Natalia’s head was spinning… in a good way!

Happily she called me back once she had the keys to the apartment and asked me to design the art wall which had now become the focus of her attention. Natalia showed me the website she had found… Desenio.com. She loved almost everything on it so, I asked her to draw up a wish-list!

Yasmin Chopin and Natalia Peterborough art wall 1100x

Room layout

This is a small one bedroom apartment in a period property conversion. The lounge is rectangular in shape with a beautiful big window. Kitchen units run along one of the short walls and the art would be placed opposite. I took into consideration the size of the doors on the kitchen units and decided to balance this by choosing large format A3 framed prints instead of smaller ones. We had discussed the furniture layout so I knew a sofa would be sitting in the corner of the room and I felt this ought to be integrated and become part of the design.


We wanted the ‘wow’ factor to do this lovely property justice and it took only a little convincing from me for Natalia to use a dark coffee colour (Royal Academy Basilica) for the two short wall and contrast this with a warm white (Fleur Snow White), colours from ColourandPaint.com.

During the Christmas holiday break Natalia got out the paint roller and did some DIY! She didn’t have a hammer though… oh dear, I feel a song coming on… so I took a few bits and pieces with me when it came time to hang the pictures.

Desenio.com were brilliant and I’m happy to recommend their website for its ease of use and great value for money. This art wall came in at around £300 – and yes, it is ‘wow-ing’ all Natalia’s friends. We were both pretty pleased with our handiwork too!

Get in touch if you would like your ‘before’ turned into a stylish ‘after’. Phone 07831 231 664.

Peterborough flat interior before design and decoration 1100x


Peterborough flat art wall posters pink grey modern 1100x


Video and photos from Christian Payne, aka @Documentally. Product support from Desenio and ColourandPaint. Thank you!