Muted tones for 2018

Dulux colour 2018 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire

Muted tones for 2018

Dulux have chosen a muddy pink for their colour of 2018: their European based experts undertake a lot of research before arriving at a decision and it’s spot on in relation my own experience. Alone it may not excite you but team it with other lights and darks and it can produce an interesting scheme. It’s a colour that warms, an immense benefit in this climate.

Decorating fashions come and go, some circle around. Earth colours have been popular for at least a decade and the muted tones of green-blue and rose blend easily with beige and grey. I’ve put together a selection of the most popular colours my clients picked for their homes in 2017. (Paints from the ranges offered by

Colours for 2017 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Northamptonshire

Despite the idolisation of grey, with many new builds coated from top to toe in pale stone, most people find it too cold to live with, and just plain boring. It needs a counterpoint. Warming deep tones of brown and blue coupled with highlights of pink and green-blue combine to make a colour palette that is easy on the eye, modern and suitable for all ages.

Do you struggle to find the right colours for your home? Perhaps you’d like to decorate one room but want it to flow with what’s already there, or maybe you fancy a complete refresh. My tool bag contains two hundred colours and together we can develop a selection especially for you and your family which you can use when you’re ready. No more arguments, no more indecision, and no more match pots!

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