Long runner or round rug?

Round rugs runners Interiors by Element London Design Fair 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire

Long runner or round rug?

Hall runners carpet colourful green geometric 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Northamptonshire

Hall runners are back. In fact, as far as Belma Kapetanovic is concerned, they’re alive and kicking! Belma showed her work at London Design Fair (LDF) this year – a truly sparkling event that showcases products from all over the world. Belma represented the best of the UK, her designs are original and very 21st century. She says:

‘My round rugs and runners have been very well received at LDF this year – it seems I have found a bit of a gap in the market for those types of products. I hope to add more round rugs and runners to some of my current collections, particularly Geology and Floral Explosion.’

Trading as Interiors by Element, Belma designs colourful, graphic, rugs and wallpaper inspired by abstractions of the natural environment. Occasionally you’ll see an inspirational image in Belma’s social media feed – it could be a piece of art or a photograph – it’ll be something that sparked off one of her new designs. It’s intriguing to see what shapes and patterns in nature contribute to a finished rug.

All the products are made-to-order allowing full customisation; size, colour and shape of rug. This is a great help to interior designers as well as homeowners.

Round rugs colourful bespoke colours Interiors by element 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire

I asked Belma what advice she would give to people thinking of starting up in business:
‘I think it is quite a crowded marketplace so be prepared for a tough ride and be persistent. For product businesses: try to offer a product that is unique from others on the market but still commercial and usable in a variety of spaces. And listen to customer feedback and adjust your product/service accordingly.’
Get in touch with Belma to discuss her rug designs for your project: +44 (0)7564 035834.
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