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Join the green revolution

Plantopia indoor plants book p60 1100x

Join the green revolution

Plantopia book cover terrarium p54 1100x

Camille Soulayrol, co-editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Idées, an author stylist and visual designer, has collected the best Parisian experts together and written a book, Plantopia. From its subtitles – Cultivate, Create, Soothe, Nourish – you’ll get the idea it’ll be filled plants and ideas for using them, it certainly is.

Plantopia book plant stand interior display p4 1100x

Growing healthy house plants comes naturally to some but for many, including me, it’s never as easy as it looks. With tips and encouraging images Camille and her friends provide common sense advice on choosing the right type of plant to suit your situation and style, suggestions for propagation, novel ideas to display your plants, and DIY projects. It’s a book that gives everything you need to get more involved with the green gift that nature’s given us. 

Plantopia indoor plant display hanging p17 1100x

Plantopia plant flatlay embroidery ring pp 83 124 1100x

Leafing through this book I realise there are many more ways to engage with plants besides growing them and I’m going to try a few – I especially like the idea of making your own diffuser, and the suggestions for using pressed leaves for a wall display. 

Plantopia Air plants p106 1100x

Inspirational images and ideas-a-plenty (none of which cost a fortune) I recommend you put this book on your wish list. If you fancy getting more green in your home, or donning your craft apron you won’t go wrong with this 160-page hardback book which has just been released and is retailing at £19.95. Another quality publication from Flammarion.

Note: Images are by Frédéric Baron-Morin. Thanks to Samantha Evans for sending me a copy of the book to review.

A book for plant-lovers. A rush of green energy. A breath of fresh air.