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Get to know me by reading what other people say about my interior design service:

JM, Peterborough: ‘Having never enlisted the help of an interior designer before and having a very tiny 1 bedroom flat I was a little anxious at approaching anyone for help. Yasmin’s profile and reviews however put me at ease and I booked in for a 2 hour consultation. This was of huge benefit and I then had another consultation which included a visit to a flooring company to help me further. I have been given the confidence to decorate in my style rather than choose a safe option which I have done previously and as well I now have ideas on how I can change the layout of my kitchen which I hadn’t thought of before. Thank you Yasmin.’

MR, Bedford: ‘I had recently returned to the UK from living in the tropics and had put an offer in on a new build 2 bedroom flat and was starting from scratch furnishing and decorating it. I had done some research but was finding the choices available overwhelming and had no idea on sizes and proportions. I decided to get Yasmin’s advice and had a 2 hour consultation with her before I had completed the purchase, just to get an idea of what to consider before moving in -this was SO useful. She asked questions on how I would be using the space and how many people to accommodate, as well as my budget, style and colour preferences. Her presentation took me by surprise as I had subconsciously been influenced by the show flat lay out, but once I had time to digest her ideas I absolutely loved what she came up with. I had told her I wanted a colour scheme that lifted my spirits when I came home and had already decided on oranges and yellows for the living/dining room.
She certainly achieved that brief, but made me think outside of the box – a magnificent dramatic wallpaper mural, the furniture placement and her choice of beautiful fabrics and textures made for a grown up, well put together look which I would have struggled to do on my own. She gave me a shopping list, and choice of tradesmen to help me with the project, and I was able to get several quotes and take advantage of the sales. I must say that I would heartily recommend getting the advice of an interior designer and trust them- they know what they are doing! It saves you so much time and money in the long run. Yasmin was very professional and helpful with any queries or changes I needed and gave me a living space I love.’

JA, West Haddon:Yasmin came up with a brilliant design layout for the interior of our new home, giving us new ideas, whilst still being realistic as to what we could achieve. She listened to what we wanted and worked quickly and efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend her.’

GB, Chatteris: ‘First, Yasmin came for a 2h consultation when we discussed colour schemes, what my problem areas with the downstairs living area were, my lifestyle and how we live as a family. She came up with lots of various ideas on how I could use the space better. Very early on in my project I knew Yasmin would be a valuable help and I agreed for her to design my whole downstairs area. I must admit I was worried it would be a waste of money but how wrong I was! Yasmin listened carefully to my likes and dislikes, what I wanted from the space, my budget and took a list of all the pieces of furniture I wanted to keep. Within a few weeks, I was presented with a very detailed plan to include soft furnishing, flooring, paint colour, where furniture would stand, a huge amount of much needed storage and most importantly a way to improve the flow of the space. I was godsmacked! Two months on, the work is about to start and I am really excited. I made a few changes and I cannot wait to see the end results! Using Yasmin services is not cheap but her ideas, plans and expertise are so worth it; I know I have saved money having a detailed plan as no mistake will be made and everything will fit together. Thank you so much Yasmin.’

CG, Wyton: ‘We are a couple who have ideas, but unable to visualise them! We employed Yasmin to come and help us with our house, we found her very understanding and easy to talk to and could see what we wanted. The project we have in mind is on going and feel we will continue to use her though the whole process and very excited with what Yasmin has proposed. I would highly recommend her.’

JF, Desborough: ‘After eleven years living in our house, a new build in 2006, everything had started to look dated and in need of a refresh. We had definitely fallen out of love with the house, but did not know where to start with our planned update. We will be moving in two – three years too, so we were also conscious that our spend did not need to be hugely significant as we would be starting again in a new home eventually. Having read such fabulous reviews about Yasmin, we decided to ask her to come along and do a Home Consultation to help us engage and channel our thoughts in the right direction. Well, I can only say that had the most wonderfully productive and totally inspirational couple of hours with Yasmin. We came away from our meeting with a beautiful colour palette and lots of really excellent advice and new ideas about what we could do to improve the decor and use of space in our house, so that we could create a more warm and luxurious feel as well as eventually appealing to buyers when we sell. We would highly recommend Yasmin – our time with her was hugely worthwhile and we are really looking forward to being able to get started and enjoying living in our house again.’

JC, Duxford: ‘I had a two hour consultation and am amazed at how many ideas and advice Yasmin was able to fit in. Yasmin really works with you to establish what your needs are and will come up with very creative solutions. She gave me various tips that make a lot of sense but somehow I hadn’t thought of myself. The two hours consultation is excellent value and I would advise anyone to include it in their decoration budget, you will easily recoup the fee by making the right purchases for your home.’

SK, Cambridge: ‘Having recently moved to a new-build house, I needed some help and inspiration about how to make the space work for us and feel more personal. From the start Yasmin seemed to understand exactly what I wanted and had thoughts and ideas as soon as we started talking. I explained that I had a tight budget and immediately Yasmin made some really great suggestions for the short-term as well as longer-term ideas to bear in mind. I was worried I’d need to replace some items of furniture but Yasmin showed me how I could make the most of what I have, without needing to replace anything! I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Yasmin again, her advice is invaluable.’

KC, Kibworth Beauchamp: ‘I recently bought a house requiring total refurbishment which, although exciting, was a little daunting. Yasmin initially came for a two hour consultation when she gave me some great ideas and helped me choose a colour palette to use throughout the house. The way she could visualise layout and put colours together was impressive. I then commissioned her to design my kitchen-diner asking her to challenge me a little. She used the colours I had chosen but put together a combination of these with textures I would never have thought of but which I absolutely love! All were priced sensibly as she was aware that I had the whole house to refit and a limited budget. I have been able to go back and ask some specific questions when implementing her design and she is always quick to respond, helpful, friendly and very supportive. I would definitely recommend using her for both a 2 hour consultation and more in depth design work. Looking forward to showing her the finished product!’

CM, Ellington: ‘The first time we met Yasmin we felt she “got it”. She looked at what we had, listened to what we wanted and created a design that was more “us” than anything we could have come up with ourselves. We were lucky enough to have upsized and while relishing the extra room we hadn’t quite made sense of the space. We both work in creative jobs so we weren’t short of ideas. The problem was that we had too many. Yasmin helped us to be more methodical and decisive. She drew up a floorplan of the long narrow family room we were struggling to furnish, encouraging us to visualise all aspects of the design on a shared Pinterest board before we bought a single item of furniture or accessory. The result is a flexible space that ticks every box on our “wish list”. Seating can be moved to create a cosy corner to curl up with a coffee or a party space for adults and children to share. We love it. We found Yasmin to be unpretentious and open-minded. She certainly knows what works (and what doesn’t!) but didn’t preach or pressure us to stray outside our style or budget. We’ve learnt a lot from the experience and are gradually decorating the rest of the house using the 12 shades we chose in Yasmin’s colour consultation. I now carry swatches in my handbag so I can choose furnishings confidently and resist the temptation to scoop up “bargains” that won’t match. Our house is really starting to feel like home. Thank you Yasmin.’

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SS, St Ives: ‘I had just moved in to a new house which was all painted cream and felt a bit daunted with bringing some colour in to the place whilst still making use of my existing furniture and fabrics. Yasmin helped me devise a colour scheme for my whole house tying together old pieces with the new, giving the house coherence and flow and boosting my confidence to tackle the project.

HS, Enderby: ‘Yasmin came to my home for a two hour consultation. I told her I needed help thinking about how to make the most of the space available to us on our ground floor. Bearing in mind we had an architect who came to look at extension options with us and couldn’t come up with a plan that gave us everything we needed, I was amazed that Yasmin was able to visualise how we could use the space we already have to meet all our requirements! Yasmin was easy company. I did not feel at all judged for the current state of our home, nor did I feel any pressure to do things a particular way. Yasmin gave me a lot of food for thought and inspiration and helped me identify a colour palette based on my own preferences. I felt no pressure to make further use of her services but would happily do so. Thank you Yasmin.’

NS, Peterborough: ‘I found our initial 2-hour consultation incredibly useful – it’s amazing how much helpful advice and ideas she managed to squeeze into that visit. We’ve also subsequently worked on a project for my living room and I can honestly say that I would have never gotten the same beautiful results had I decided to tackle it alone. Yasmin has been incredibly friendly, easy to reach and very pleasant to work with throughout the whole process. Most importantly though, she definitely knows her craft- as soon as she’s in the room, she can instantly tell what would make it look better/brighter/bigger/etc. depending on what you are going for. I was relatively sure about the style I wanted and Yasmin helped to bring all my ideas to life as well as improve them further. I’m very glad I found Yasmin and decided to invest into interior designer from the get-go. We’ve discussed further projects and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the near future. I cannot recommend her enough!’

MT, Spaldwick: ‘Yasmin provided us with many inspirational ideas throughout our entire planning process. She produced well thought out detailed plans, that exceeded our expectations. Highly respectful and highly recommended and a joy to work with.’

TR, Northampton: ‘We had the two hour consultation with Yasmin as we really needed some direction with the interior of our house. We have been in out house for just over 10 years and had made some mistakes in the past when we updated the house and wanted to avoid that again. Yasmin was a great listener and had some inventive solutions to change the interior which we would never have thought of. Yasmin is friendly and patient and the 2 hour session was fun and really helpful. We spent an hour looking at colours which was invaluable, we now have a colour palette which we have already used in our bathroom refurb and will use in our lounge. Yasmin is very professional and we would highly recommend her two hour consultation.’

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