yasmin chopin | Interior design career
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Interior design career

Interior Design career image credit Cult Furniture via Yasmin Chopin Cambridgeshire 1100x

Interior design career

Want a career in interior design? Read this. 

I’ll tell you a few secrets about designing interiors for a living. It’s April. I’m no fool. But when, as a mature student, I embarked on a post graduate Diploma in Interior Design I was a little naïve. I had no knowledge of what interior designers were earning. The calling was so strong it didn’t matter to me at the time. I was in for a surprise.

Well, after two years hard slog and having exchanged thousands of pounds in cash in return for a Diploma I was still enthusiastic to make it all worthwhile and launch my second career as an interior designer. I was a prize-winning student, had years of experience with my own properties, so it couldn’t be that hard could it? I checked the job market and got a shock. Rock bottom wages are paid at entry level to the industry. It’s a profession that people go into because they love it and it seems to me that employers take advantage.

There are two ways to earn: join a firm and work your way up, or go solo and start your own business. I did the latter and at no time have I regretted it. However, looking back, it would have helped to discuss my career aspirations with a professional designer. I would have entered the profession with a more rounded view. Don’t be fooled by the glamour of the business. It really isn’t glitzy at the pointy end.

If you’re thinking of spending time and money on a design course and not sure if it’s the right thing for you, give me a call on 07831 231 664. A fifteen minute chat could help you make the right decision.

Image credit: Cult furniture