Interior design – a professional view

Cambridge pumping station black and white interior design

Interior design – a professional view

My friends at Houseology created the infographic below – I think it’s a good overview of the profession. (Image above is one of mine which I took in an historic building in Cambridge.) Here are a few extra comments relating to the question…

So you think you want to be an interior designer?

1. Salary: Many interior designers work in a self employed capacity and grow their businesses to eventually become employers themselves. The earnings information given in the infographic obviously doesn’t relate to private businesses. My experience of the profession (whether employed or self-employed) would suggest that it’s a long road before you start really earning ‘good’ money but then there is huge potential.
2. Role: The split between interior designer and interior decorator is interesting – of course many of us do all of the things listed below. Some of my work involves designing extensions which takes me even further towards the role of architect.
3. Day-to-day: Much of my work is pure consultancy so I could be visiting clients and discussing their projects with them, advising, guiding and helping them with new ideas, problem solving and giving them confidence to move forward with their project. This role isn’t really covered in the infographic but is an important one for me. However I know that other interior designers don’t necessarily work in this way.
You will see that by posting this infographic on my website I’m not afraid of competition! I firmly believe that interior designers gain business by doing good work and through word of mouth. Every designer has a specific type of client – mine tend to live in Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties, in 3, 4 or 5 bedroomed detached or semi-detached houses; some are quirkier than others. I’m currently working on four different barn conversions. My clients take a very keen interest in developing their properties into beautiful and functional homes and in making the best of their budget (however much that is). Projects tend to range in value from £2,500 to £250,000.
Enjoy the following info and do get in touch if you would like to discuss anything further – 07831 231 664.

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