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#1day12pics mobile phone and sunset image

Seek beauty with a photographer’s eye

Saturday 2 August was a day of two halves for me; I had been looking after my grandchildren for a week and their parents were due back at lunchtime so the morning was very much family time and the afternoon and evening were spent catching up with some work.

I participated in this project last month for the first time and as we were celebrating our youngest’s 21st birthday it was an ideal opportunity to record the day. Open to everyone, the idea is you take a photo roughly every hour and share it on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag.

I’m finding the challenge useful on two counts:-

  1. The discipline of taking a photo an hour really makes me notice and value each 60 minute period of they day.
  2. I am beginning to seek beauty in the everyday things, with a photographer’s eye, which is a good exercise for me since my work is very visual.

Having to stop what you are doing and take a picture can be a bit disruptive if you are not used to it and at one point I thought I might just have 11 pics but I did manage to capture one more before midnight. It’s a nice diary record of a day, just as it happens, and it’s also interesting to see what other folks are up to; some are participating in countries other than the UK so you get a glimpse into their lives as well.

I used my mobile phone to take the photos and shared them on Instagram, where you can see all twelve. I’m picking my best half dozen for you to enjoy now and I hope it encourages you to have go.

Photo diary August Collage 1

0800 Breakfast with 5 year old who chose this book to read…lightbulb moment, “ah, it’s the same! Honey!”
0900 two year old is fascinated with this story book which is is really badly written. Colourful though.
1130 Swimming is fun, yay!

Photo Diary August collage 2

1330 Ooooh presents. #talkinginteriors
1430 Home now and back to work. Cuppa with @Pantone. Playing catch up after a week away from my studio.
1800 still working. This is my inspiration wall. News just in… Expect to be meeting MP and possibly being interviewed live on breakfast ITV and BBC news Friday AM!!

My thanks to Michelle and Emma who organise the project. Why not join in next month?

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