Households are changing

Industrial kitchen style via TKmaxx 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Huntingdon

Households are changing

The last decade has seen home-working become an accepted norm and ‘stay at home’ dads increase in numbers. The school pickup is no longer a female domain and neither is the kitchen. Before I can design anything for a client I need to know how they live in their house and who does what. My experience is that 30% of the time it’s the man in the relationship who does the cooking and 90% of the time I need to find space for a home-office or workshop.

The design of our homes reflects how our family units are changing and I was interested to read the 2017 Aviva Home report* which has just been released.


The lines are blurring between working and home environments. The report suggests that workers spend on average four hours and 17 minutes a week working at home, on top of their ‘normal’ hours in the workplace.

Home working Grey interiors via cuckooland 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Huntingdon

Stay at home dads

Financial factors play a crucial part in the decision as to which parent stays at home; the reports finds that one in seven UK households men are the main childcare providers. It also indicates that many dads who become the primary parent feel ‘lucky’ to have the opportunity to spend this time with their children, although one in three said they sometimes found themselves feeling isolated as many events and groups were geared towards mothers.

Posters numbers home office desk via cuckooland 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Huntingdon

Does your home accommodate your lifestyle? Maybe it’s time to take another look. If yours doesn’t and you’d like some help to see what changes can be made, give me a call.

*Commissioned by Aviva in February/March 2017.

Images: industrial kitchen courtesy TKMaxx, grey and white office pics courtesy Cuckooland.