Hothouse highly recommended

Charles Dedman Turner Range furniture maker 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

Hothouse highly recommended

When furniture designer Charles Dedman was asked by the Crafts Council to sum up the Hothouse programme in three words he chose ‘Supportive’, ‘Applicable’ and ‘Flexible’. I’ve had the pleasure of following Charlie’s journey through the 2016 six month programme.

Apply for Hothouse

Guidelines for 2017 applicants are now available here and this little video puts it all into context. Essentially it’s a mentoring scheme for new designer-makers which helps people define their business model and helps them move from being a creative designer to running a successful design business – the jump is a big one and sadly many people just don’t make it.

Charlie has welcomed the help and support he was offered during the programme and really has made the most of this opportunity.

“The most valuable thing I got from the Hothouse programme is clear direction and confidence to take it. You learn about the industry and how you can fit into it. It’s been great to really refine my company values and then project them back on the work and consider how I’m portrayed online and in the press.” Charles Dedman, furniture maker.

Charlie has just launched the very beautiful Turner collection (image of the Carver chair above and below). He said, “Hothouse showed me the benefits of working collectively on my furniture; how outsourcing would free up my precious time for new pieces, and how my company can provide jobs and exposure for local craftsman. My Turner range is now in production with renowned chair makers Sitting Firm and we are in talks with a few leading retailers…”

Turner range carver chair seat and back 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

Supporting the UK creative community is very important to ensure its success. Contact Charlie or any of the makers I recommend on Select a Maker; they’ll be very pleased to discuss your ideas for a unique and personal item to be crafted for your home.

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