Hotel living

Edgar House Hotel bedroom bathroom

Hotel living

Spending two days with hoteliers at the RadissonBlu hotel, Stansted, for the Hotel Designs Summit gave me a unique insight into the hotel industry. I was invited to speak on the subject of blogging which was well received and generated much discussion and enquiry. We talked about design, interiors and customer service and how these things add up to make a guest feel very special. There are some design tips below…!

Whatever your reason for staying in a hotel your basic needs will be met by the three Bs. Tim Mills, a partner of the award winning Edgar House Hotel in Chester, explained that once you’ve conquered the three Bs you can go very much further to achieving a customer experience par excellence.

The three Bs

Bed – ensuring you have the best night’s sleep in a comfortable bed using quality bedding.

Bath – providing a bath and/or shower that not only works properly but gives you a sense of luxury.

Breakfast – preparing a breakfast that is appetising, tastes great and uses the best ingredients.

Take a tip from the hotel industry

Using interior design tricks of the trade Tim has decorated the seven rooms in his boutique hotel to generate a ‘wow’ from his guests. It sounds like a fun place to stay and explore. He said,

“One room has a wonky mantelpiece in it – it was wonky when we bought it but we made it even more wonky, another room has a colourful ceiling and the rooms on the river side of the property have their beds raised by a meter so guests can enjoy the views whilst eating breakfast in bed!”

Having got the interiors sorted it then comes down to the staff and service. Reaching out to make that very special connection with his guests he provides a parking place with their name on and he or his partner personally welcomes them with a glass of bubbly. He finds out if they have any special food or beverage ‘likes’ and goes all the way to ensuring that those items are in stock. And at the end of their stay each guest receives a goodie bag to go home with!

Edgar House Hotel view from the River Dee

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘going the extra mile’… well in Tim’s case it seems very appropriate and I am not surprised that the Edgar House Hotel is number 1 of 25 hotels listed as ‘The Best Small Hotels in the World’ by Trip Advisor. A well deserved accolade!

So what can we pick up from this? Here are three ideas for your home:

  • Wonky and uneven could be characterful and interesting – think about it before straightening and levelling.
  • Is your ceiling boring? Get creative with colour and/or pattern.
  • Can you make more of a good view by raising your viewing position or enlarging a window.