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Green Fingers

Green Fingers cover image Liz Cowley gardening poetry 1100r

Green Fingers

A new publication of 140 poems by the renowned garden poet Liz Cowley Green Fingers comprises over a hundred pages of verse. Liz has chosen a range of well known proverbs sayings and quotations and has responded to them with the wit and acute observation of an avid gardener. This conversational style of poetry is one I’ve not come across before but then I have to confess that poetry comes third to non fiction and fiction for me. But when the printed word encourages a giggle you know you’re holding an entertaining book in your hand. Here’s an example of a poem that tickled me: entitled The fruit never falls far from the tree it has as its first line ‘It’s clear you’ve never owned a sycamore’. No-one could read that without a knowing smile, unless you’re not sure what a sycamore is. That’s why this book is such a joy, it gathers together all those familiar things, familiar to gardeners and nature-lovers, and delivers them to you with a grin.

Green Fingers Gubbins Pot by Designist 1100xr

Topics covered in this collection of gardening poetry pay tribute to fashion, ageing, friendship, the media and more.

Publisher: Gibson Square Books Ltd. Publication date: 01/12/2020, ISBN: 9781783341504. Cover price: £9.99.

Slim enough to pop in your handbag Green Fingers will be a companion on a bus or in a waiting room, wherever you are it will throw a ray of sunshine your way. A characterful self-deprecating narrator’s voice strengthens through the reading and the re-reading, the narrator becomes a friend, and because this book is an uplifting diversionary read it makes an ideal gift for anyone who needs a tonic. Easy to enjoy in short bursts this little paperback is a constant reminder that nature makes its own way and gardeners only intervene temporarily to shape and tame it.

Credits. Top image – mine taken from the cover of Green Fingers. Second image – Gubbins pot by Designist.

Also, thanks to Alissa Rams at Gibson Square for sending me an early copy to review.