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Focus on the essential

Minimal Film Interstellar 1100x

Focus on the essential

Minimal Film: The cinematic world reimagined through graphic design.

By Matteo Civaschi.

Published by Skira.

The author, Matteo Civaschi, is the Executive Creative Director at H-57, a design studio based in Milan and the brains behind Life in 5 Seconds, a book that unveiled their concept of Shortology, in which an entire film’s synopsis is portrayed in just a handful of pictograms. We see this philosophy reflected within Minimal Film, which illustrates the notion of eliminating the superfluous and focusing on the essential. 

‘The use of infographics is extremely effective, because it is based on simplicity, essentially, on the speed and ease of understanding each defining element.’ p4.

The Minimal Film project arose out of the author’s desire to portray a film with minimum graphics, using colour and shape to tell the story. A pared down approach meant that story content had to be reduced to a minimum. The author’s experience in graphic design and his work in creating an infographic language, Shortology, gave him the tools he needed to create a successful series of posters. This book is a wondrous catalogue of them – each presenting the film in a format which is understandable, intelligible on a worldwide basis.

A marvel of graphic design, the images are effective and eye-catching, and this highly sophisticated art form is deceptively simple. I could open this book at any page and be enrapt by the intelligence behind these graphics.

Minimal Film The legend of 1900 1100x

As an interior designer I find the book a stark reminder that the phrase ‘less is more’  should not be a collection of clever words but that we should really think more deeply about the designs we create and perhaps pay more attention to the concept of achieving more by using fewer of the earth’s resources.

I highly recommend the book, especially for anyone interested in art, design, graphic design, illustration, films, visual story-telling, and animation. The use of symbolism and pattern is captivating.

From Star Wars to Game of Thrones, from Pulp Fiction to Brokeback Mountain, from Thelma & Louise to Harry Potter, the range of films included in the book is amazing, over a hundred are depicted.

Minimal Film Top Gun 1100x

Published April 2019. With over 256 pages, this large format hard back book is great value at £25.00. ISBN 978-88-572-3967-5.

I would like to thank Fouchard Filippi Communications for sending me a copy of the book to review.