Flowers for happiness

Easter Homesense table decorations china 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

Flowers for happiness

Lamp and cushion Anna Jacobs Chinese tree design yellow 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

Did you know today, 20 March 2017, is the International Day of Happiness?  Time to shake off the Winter blues and open your doors to welcome in the colours of Spring. Time to dress the table, make cakes and issue invitations to friends and family. Flowers play a big part when putting together a festive scene and there is much debate in the interiors world as to whether you use fresh or faux. Faux flowers are so well made they’re often mistaken for real. During my interior design training we were advised always to include a generous floral display when putting the finishing touches to a room. And now that we have so much choice from silk blooms to dried flowers and faux greenery the question is whether to stick with real or move to faux.

Followers of Feng Shui would say ‘use real blooms’ for strong healing energy and never put anything in your home that is ‘dead’ so dried flowers are out! Having said that I find dried flowers very useful for aroma as they’re so receptive to essential oils. Naturally scented pot pourri, whilst it comes in and out of fashion, will probably never lose its appeal. There are many points of view. What’s better for the planet? What’s better for your spirit? Indeed, what’s better for your purse? Have you seen the fake flowers in Dunelm? Here’s a bouquet to please!

#InternationalDayofHappiness – Smile, share, eat healthily, exercise, be grateful, give back, think positively, spend some time with friends and family, spend some time alone, be mindful, dream, listen to music, say thank you and mean it, compete, be charitable, say “all the more” instead of “nonetheless” – do what makes you happy.

Dunelm fake flowers 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

If you prefer your flowers everlasting, perhaps painted on accessories, take a look at the designs from Anna Jacobs. She’s a talented artist and having met her several years ago I’m delighted to see her work selling in London’s top interior design store Heal’s. The lamp and cushion above is one called Chinese Tree and you can choose the colour of the flex to match your room – it’s so joyful.

In conversations with other interior designers I’m finding that many are ‘mixing’ it up using fresh blooms with good quality faux.

A tip from the experts: 

When you’re given the gift of flowers, or when you treat yourself (which should be all the time of course), make the display longer lasting by adding in some faux blooms.

At Easter time or Mothers Day you can also have fun with other decorations as shown in these images. And maybe it’s time to buy some new crockery or accessories to lift the spirits!

Easter table decorations Homesense 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

Images; table decorations from Homesense, lamp from Anna Jacobs, bouquet from Dunelm.

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