Flea market style

Flea market style with colourful bed

Flea market style

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You just know a treat is in store with this book because the well-chosen cover photograph shows a dining table dressed with interesting items that promise something quirky. The square shaped book and hard cover lend gravitas to the ideas that form flea market style: ideas that are proffered with passionate sincerity in the text and images. You can whip through the words quickly but the photographs arrest the eye and demand more leisurely consideration making this an easy read that inspires without making a fuss!

Flea Market Style – Book review

Flea market style is all about enjoying the search for beautiful things – and beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, this style will not suit everyone. We are encouraged to think about an item’s potential and there are lots of cues to produce something really individual. For instance: make a cushion cover from silk scarves, display a collection of jewellery against a window or recover a beat up sofa with old clothes.

Flea market style can be a low cost solution to furnishing and decorating a home since everything is second hand but there is a fine line between attractive second hand pieces and antiques that have been passed down the generations. Choosing carefully is half the fun and shopping for bargains is intrinsic to achieving this style. However, there should be a warning with this book – know when to stop! I shuddered with fright when I turned a page and saw a picture of a china collection on open shelves from floor to very high ceiling! What might appear attractive and impressive would be a nightmare in reality as how would you keep it all clean?

If not already a collector, you may easily become one as the design ideas focus principally on gathering and display. Not for you if you like a spotless and clutter free home. But if you want an individual look that is easy to live with, that can change and evolve over time and that will suit any budget, you will certainly find it a worthwhile read.

Beautiful things never go out of style we are told, and this reassuring phrase is so true. Not only does it mean that your ‘look’ will not date, it means that you are doing your bit for sustainable design through re-use and rejuvenation. Why create new if old will do?

  • Author(s): Emily Chalmers, words by Ali Hanan, photography by Debi Treloar.
  • Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small, www.rylandpeters.com
  • UK ISBN: 978-1-84172-937-4, US ISBN: 978-1-84172-938-1, Year published: 2009
  • Description:  Hard back, Price: £18.99

(My images are from the book.)