Dining in or out?

Espresso Library cafe 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire

Dining in or out?

The nation is split between those who cook, and those who don’t. We’ve become lazy, and that’s no surprise when good quality food is ready to devour straight from the supermarket. My son, who lives outside of the UK, is a busy guy. Most days he eats out because for him it’s worth it; he saves time shopping, washing up and cooking. Well, when you’ve only got yoghurts and beer in the fridge…

Whether it’s pub food or restaurant quality, depending on where you live, the choice can be excellent. When you’re next in a restaurant take a look at the interior choices of design, style and materials. Make mental notes of things that please you and see if the ideas can be transferred to your home environment.

Here are three takeaways:-

Biarritz milk bar 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire

1. I can’t help it. Even if the restaurant is closed I have to take a photo if it shouts at me. This is in Biarritz, and, as I hope you can see through the glass of the front window, it’s style is based on a sixties milk bar. We had one in my home town. Every time I walked past I peered in at the guys and girls sitting on stools with milk shakes in their hands listening to music from the jukebox. I couldn’t wait for the day when I’d be old enough to go in and buy my own vanilla soda. It had closed when that day arrived!

Besides the colours in this example, which are very much of the time, the black and white floor is worth a second look. If you eat in the kitchen, or have a separate room as a dining room, this could be an option. And have you thought about bench seats? Yes, they have to be made to fit the space, but boy oh boy, they save a lot of it. If you have an awkward corner a bench seat, or banquette as they’re sometimes called, could be a viable solution.

Little Greene Citrine walls white chairs dining room 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire
2.This photo, from paint company Little Greene, shows how fresh a dining room can look. Citrine green is toned with autumn shades of red making the room welcoming and exciting. At first it was strange to see a set of chairs all different, but we’re getting used to it and liking the flexibility this offers. Choose your chairs with care and link them together with colour. Here the white paint plays a big role in co-ordinating the room.

You often see the use of a double cloth in restaurants. They change the top one for every new customer. Think how easy it would be to just whip off the red leaf design and change the accessories… swop them for the palest of purple-blue for a romantic evening, or, chocolate brown for a sophisticated dinner party.

Espresso Library cafe 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire
3. I took this photo in the Espresso Library, Cambridge, just before the cafe filled with a crowd who had come to a Pecha Kucha event. I was one of the speakers so I got there early and had the chance to explore the decor. How cool is the ceiling? It has the WOW factor. The oversized hanging lamps appear to hover over the table – very industrial in style and a bit surreal, they look like space ships about to land. Time to let your lamps do a bit more than just light the space? Oh, and I didn’t mention the bikes. What can I say… other than, make sure they’re clean and well secured!

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