Colour popping walls

Lane by Post twin tone lamp Play screen prints pink blue scandi 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

Colour popping walls

Lane by post Twin tone Play screen print art wall 600x via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

British homeware brand Lane launches the ‘Twin Tone Play’ Screen Print System, eight prints of two giant colour chips using carefully paired colours. They can be hung in any combination on walls of any size. As you know by now colour for me is key to making a house a home. What Lane have done here is make it easy for us to inject a splash of colour to a room without fuss. And yes, you can fill an entire wall!

Wall art

The quality of the screen print is top class and though you will be framing these prints the paper demands to be touched, it’s just gorgeous. This art isn’t going to be an impulse buy because it will surely make a big statement. You can choose to have just one print with two colours of your choice (£45.00) or buy a collection. At 700mm x 500mm they’re versatile; hang them landscape or portrait, on their own or with other art.

Colour combinations

The clean crisp edges mean the prints sit well in a modern setting, perfect on a white background. Describing the art as giant colour chips Lane encourage us to be playful with these ‘modular’ forms. I’m going to be just that and with the two prints I have I’m going to experiment. Lane kindly sent me one of each of these ‘Pool Blue and Beach’ and ‘Feather Blue and Soot Black’. I shall hang them on a white background then try a coloured background, and then see what happens when I put them over some patterned wallpaper! I’ll post some photos later…

Other colour combinations available are:- Yuzu Yellow and Soot Black, Yuzu Yellow and Drift Blue, Peony Pink and Smith Grey, Morning Yellow and Smith Grey, Granite Pink and Drift Blue, Mariana Blue and Zuzu Yellow. What I particularly like is the unusual choice of pairings and this sets Lane apart from many other companies. The Joff + Ollie Studio works exclusively with Lane to produce these thoughtfully designed home accessories which give interior designers like me something to play with and a welcome opportunity to introduce colour to some of my more cautious clients.

Made in England

There are other interesting modern art screen prints on the Lane website and I’ve been a fan of the company ever since they launched the twin tone lamp. The company is based in Nottingham, not a million miles from where I am in Cambridgeshire, and I’m impressed by the care with which they source materials and manage the production to retain green credentials. The paper they use is from GF Smith and made by James Cropper, one of the oldest and last remaining speciality paper makers, based in the Lake District. The prints are made in Nottingham by local craftspeople and at the Lane workshop.

If you would like to introduce colour to your home get in touch, I’d love to help you find the perfect colour combinations. 07831 231 664.