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Bohemian Style at Home

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Bohemian Style at Home

To me Bohemian interior style is inspired by the hippy movement, a youthful reaction against the sober post-war fifties and its utilitarian furniture. As a child of the sixties I grew up and experienced this exuberant atmosphere, it was provocative yet peaceful. A new zest for life permeated all areas of society. In interiors it resulted in big bold colourful designs, relaxed low seating and the touchy-feely physical excitement of lots of different textures.

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Thames & Hudson kindly sent me a copy of the book Bohemian Style at Home so I could have a sneaky read before it appears on the shelves in June 2019. Author Kate Young, born in France but now firmly rooted in the UK, has written comprehensively and instructively about how to achieve this style today. Filled with photographs that illustrate her concept of Bohemian style it’s a super book – easy to read and cleverly designed. Around A5 in size it’s packed full of ideas; it showcases individual items by pointing you to the company that designed them and explains how the look can be recreated using these or similar items.

Kate’s concept isn’t far from my own yet what was in my head differs slightly from what’s in the book which is fascinating in itself. It’s the indeterminate non specific nature of a particular look or style that means a book like this is very much needed. Houseplants hadn’t featured in my thoughts and Kate has reminded me how much in evidence they were in my childhood, my mother adored houseplants and kept them beautifully. Kate says, ‘In a bid to blur the boundaries between the inside and outside world and be completely at one with nature, the bohemian home is always crammed with plants.’ This fits very well in today’s culture of improving wellbeing through the introduction of plants in interiors; no longer purely a design accessory plants are viewed as providing an essential benefit to healthy living.

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Bohemian Style at Home by Kate Young.

Published by Thames & Hudson. ISBN 978 0 500 294987.

From macramé to rattan, from floor cushions to textured wall hangings and vintage lace, clever new uses for everyday items are suggested along with sensible shopping advice. At £14.95 I cannot recommend this book highly enough for its excellent interpretation of Bohemian style. Buy it for yourself and get another copy for a friend, (it will make a superb gift).

‘Bohemian style is characterised by free-flowing fabrics, bright colours and a multitude of clashing patterns. Heavily inspired by the 1960s and 1970s free-spirited way of life, it is one of the most versatile styles of decoration.’

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