Author: Yasmin

Broadway Market teams with parents and pushchairs seeking a free spot on the pavement to drink a cappuccino. Number seven has a somewhat dour grey painted frontage but the large window is colourfully displayed with fabrics and graffiti style art. Shop owner Barley Massey told

Life writing: memoir Light shone like aluminium as it bore through the oversized windows of the dining hall on to rows of chairs equipped with navy serge tunics and fringed faces. The room had been transformed into a theatre space with a raised stage on which

Life-writing, Memoir. Dad liked to tidy things up with a coat of paint. He wasn't skilled like the men who wore white bib-n-brace overalls, but most of the time Mum was grateful for his efforts. On one occasion, when we returned from Kingston after a school

‘Five minutes Miss Walden, five minutes Mr Brendan…’ Jeremy’s voice rings in unison with his knuckles. The urgency dissipates as he sashays down the corridor. I brush biscuit crumbs from my lap and annoyingly leave cigar ash in their wake; I’m the only dancer in

Did you know… Wallpaper has a murderous past. Here are five surprising facts about wallpaper: 1. In 1710 a wallpaper tax entered the statute books. Queen Anne was on the throne then. She was famous for being transported everywhere in a Sedan chair as walking proved difficult

Want to know what's popular in the world of kitchens right now? There are designs with timeless appeal, others that offer state-of-the-art contemporary style. Fitted and unfitted. No two kitchens are the same. You can spend a lot or a little, but every penny will

Recently I researched the history of wallpaper manufacture and learned that Glasgow-born Christopher Dresser, (1834 - 1904), was a key figure in the design of wallpaper patterns. Until then I'd associated his name principally with product design; visions of art deco metal teapots and sugar

Interior design is an over-used phrase which is often misunderstood. Home renovation television programmes focus on the scene 'before' and the big reveal afterwards. They pay little regard to decisions made in the interim. Interior design is about making the right choices, a process that

As a symbol of romantic love a heart is at the centre of our emotions. We start to draw the shape early in childhood, its warm glow spells love. As we grow older the symbol signals different moods; strength, vitality, devotion. Some say that it was first associated