Add value, convert your loft

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Add value, convert your loft

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There’s a lot to consider if you fancy extending your home into the loft. At first glance it might seem an impossible task – all those rafters and beams cluttering up the space. Of course your roof wasn’t designed for living in so your attic isn’t going to be light and airy, spacious and comfortable. Instead, it’s probably draughty, cramped, dark and a tad creepy. But if your family is expanding and you need another bedroom, or if you’re self employed and yearn for a calm and peaceful workspace ‘going up’ is an excellent way to achieve it. Your investment could be more than repaid by increasing the value of your property.

“The Nationwide March 2016 House Price Index has revealed that adding a loft conversion or an extension incorporating a double bedroom and a bathroom could add more than 20% to the value of a three-bedroom, one bathroom house”. Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s Chief Economist.

Roofing Outlet sell everything you need to do the job – windows, chimney pots, roof slates, nails and fixings. When they asked me for my tips on loft conversions I took time to consider the absolute best piece of advice I could give; here it is.

“No matter how large or small the space you’ve scrounged from your loft you really must give consideration to the access. Make sure your loft staircase is wide and ensure it either completely contrasts in style and design with your house stairs OR that it matches perfectly. I’ve seen too many loft conversions where the stairs have been built, but no thought has been given to their design. They transport you to an exciting place…. let them tell the story.” Yasmin Chopin Interior Design.

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Period properties with several floors expressed status through the architecture and design of their staircases. To impress the best money would be spent on the ground floor and first floors while the bottom and the top, the cellar steps and attic staircase, would be made in utilitarian fashion. After all it was only the servants who would be using them! Times have changed – don’t let your loft staircase let you down.

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Another piece of advice I would give is this:- When drawing up the design with your architect or builder make sure you consult an interior designer before you approve the plans. Your newly acquired space will be quirky and will require clever ideas to make the best use of it. Make sure it delivers what you are hoping for. Can you envisage how you will use it, what headroom you will have to move around? Will the windows deliver too much or too little light? What will it look like during the daytime – and at night? Where will you put the furniture? Will it offer stylish storage solutions? How are you going to decorate it? A list that goes on and on… make sure you are clear on all of your questions BEFORE you go ahead for planning approval!

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