A real fire

Modern lounge staircase bio ethanol fire via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire

A real fire

Radiator or underfloor heating systems remove the need for additional appliances, yet it’s hard to beat romance of a real fire. A popular request is the wood burning stove – regardless of property style: modern, traditional, or in between. They look great and toast your toes but is this significant investment worth it? If you take into account envious utterances from friends and relatives you may think indeed it is. If you talk to an estate agent about putting your house on the market you’ll get a tick in a box. A stove, or real flame fireplace, is certainly on most people’s wish list.

Glammfire distributed by Biolineofire bio ethanol fire Cambridge interior designer

One of my projects, an unusually large lounge, seven meters long and five wide, required some careful choices of colour, lighting, fabrics and furniture to make it feel homely. The client wanted a comfortable warm atmosphere but without a gas supply or chimney, (not even the chance of adding a chimney), there was no prospect of including a traditional style fireplace. To overcome the structural drawbacks – interior design is essentially concerned with solving problems – I specified a substantial and glamorous bio ethanol fire.

Cosmo Glammfire distributed by Biolineofire via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridgeshire

As an alternative to other forms of secondary heating the bio ethanol fire is still quite new, but they’re available at different price points, and range in their designs from contemporary to traditional. The big attraction is the real flame, and a bonus for the designer is that they can be freestanding and don’t require a flue. Consequently you can put one anywhere in the room: wall, floor, even table top.

The one I included in this particular project, the Cosmo produced by Glammfire and distributed by Biolineofire, is the main focal point, and a conversation piece. Constructed from glass and sculptural Corten steel, it’s a circular showstopper, ideal for a big room. Bio ethanol burns with an orange flame and the fuel is renewable being produced from raw materials such as sugarbeet, potatoes and wheat. These decorative fires give off heat just like a gas fire but they don’t provide all round comfort like central heating does. So, if you want a bit of cosy and a real flame the bio ethanol fire is an option.