A chair that has changed my attitude

SBS HÅG_SoFi_Beige_interior design office chair

A chair that has changed my attitude

Almost every home I enter has a corner for a desk and chair but it can be difficult if space is tight and every member of the family wants to have their own work or study area. Older properties were never designed for home working and the token Study included in modern house designs is rarely more than a large cupboard. No-one particularly wants to make their lounge look like an office and if that’s where you have to work you will want to make it look pretty. When it comes to the choice of chair you will probably use something already available, such as a dining chair. If a new chair is required then a secondhand one that makes a nice upcycle project is a possibility, or you could consider a brand new office chair.

SBS HÅG_SoFi_Beige_Interior_peppermint lamp office interior design

Back pain

How seriously do you take your work? If you spend more than an hour at a time sitting at your desk I  urge you to consider finding a really good office chair, one that has been designed for the purpose. Over the last few weeks I have learned a salutary lesson and I want to share it with you. I’ve been using an office chair that didn’t cost very much and over the last 12 years I’ve been sitting on it in what I thought was relative comfort. However over lengthy periods at my desk my back would always ache added to which the floor, in my upstairs office/studio, slopes. (I live in an old cottage and there’s not much you can do about wonky floors without a rebuild.) Consequently I really felt there was no choice but to put up with an aching back. But…da da di da! I’ve found there is a solution and I’m both thrilled and relieved.

Rocking motion

Now I would spend several hundred pounds on a nice lounge chair or a couple of thousand on a super sofa but I can honestly say I’ve never considered spending a large sum of money on an office chair. And yet, what appears to be a luxury purchase isn’t that at all. Considering how much time I actually use the chair and it’s value to my working life I have changed my way of thinking. What’s made the difference? I’ve been road testing a rather interesting and beautiful office chair that wobbles and rocks. Sounds weird doesn’t it? From the first day I used it I noticed the difference and that deep embedded backache has gone! I’m also feeling perkier when I get up off my chair which is a bonus. The chair is robust and designed to encourage continuous movement so I am never allowed to be totally still. I’m sort of hoping it might use up a few extra calories as well….but that might be asking too much!

SBS grey clear_RBM_Twisted_Little_Star_interior design office chair

The chair is called SoFi by HAG and available from SBS (Scandinavian Business Seating). The company, based in London, kindly offered to let me try one out when they heard about my poor back. It arrived in a big box and I soon realised why the delivery driver hadn’t offered to bring it into the house, you wouldn’t believe how heavy it is. This is one serious chair! I worried that the upstairs floorboards might give way but the weight of the chair is evenly distributed across the legs and of course it’s been OK … and it looks a treat.

Stylish choice

SoFi is very professional and smart in appearance and the silver/grey colour of my chair has a lightweight look about it. You certainly wouldn’t be embarrassed by this chair wherever you placed it in the house and if you have a proper office set up this is the perfect stylish option. Suitable for most body types, the seat is very deep and wide and there are lots of adjustments you can make to get the seat and back in the ideal ergonomic position. And, it’s got arms! I’ve shied away from chairs with arms for years because I occasionally like to pull my chair in under the desk and arms always get in the way but this one has arms that slide back which means you can get them in the exact position you need. The large solid wheels glide smoothly allowing me to move from my keyboard to my drawing board with ease and I must say I’m feeling more free than I have ever felt before. Thank you very much SBS!

So now I am sitting comfortably, the pain killers have been put away, and I’m rocking and rolling! How are you feeling? Have I touched a chord with this post?