June 2017

Desperate to bring in a sense of freedom and light, the scent of a garden fresh and green, we knock out the back wall and put in some bi-folds. If we can afford to

Children and grandchildren adore friendly slippers. When I came across these at Hector and Queen I was transported to an animal world filled with adventure stories. The company, based in Gloucestershire, offers a range of items from clothing to furniture. Their eco nursery range of wooden furniture

A loft conversion provides the ideal opportunity to star gaze or daydream. Enjoy the wonders of the universe as you relax and unwind, A bedroom at the top of the house is very special - quiet, restful and private. Position the bed under a skylight

‘Come and talk to us about interiors, we want to know the tricks of the trade’, said the events organiser from the Women’s Institute. And today I put the finishing touches to the slideshow I’ll be presenting this week. I know it will be a

What's feminine and what's masculine when it comes to design, and should we even be thinking about the differences? As a professional interior designer I'm conscious of certain taste preferences which can be described as gender related. These sit quietly at the back of my mind