20 ideas to make your new house a home

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20 ideas to make your new house a home

Whoopee! You did it! Now you have moved in and the first night you cannot sleep for excitement, or maybe you didn’t get the bed together in time? Once you start unpacking your ‘to do’ list will start to grow.

Marsala Little Greene Bedroom Adventurer

Making it a home…

  1. Re-cycle some of your old fabrics to make window drapes, throws or cushion covers. Something familiar seen in a new setting is very comforting.
  2. When you’ve decided the best position for the bed in the master bedroom look at the headboard – does it fit with the room? Want the look and feel of a luxury hotel room? Make it large and cover in a quality material.
  3. Many new bathrooms are fitted with functional showers and rarely with luxury designer fittings. If the cubicle isn’t right or the shower not powerful enough go ahead and change it as soon as the purse allows.
  4. Moving in with your old furniture means you have to mix it up a bit. Bring things ‘together’ by painting tables in a new colour for instance, or recovering upholstered items with matching and contrasting fabrics.
  5. Your ceilings are likely to be painted a matt white; think of them as a blank canvas and use paint to create a masterpiece. Even a simple ribbon of colour will fascinate your visitors.
  6. Finding it a little dark? Remove a door or change to one that is glazed and allow light to travel.
  7. An electric oil-filled radiator keeps towels warm in a bathroom. Don’t ever think of installing one that’s connected to your central heating – it will be stone cold all summer through.
  8. Look forward to enjoying your garden. First thing you need to do is find the best place to sit – catch the best of the sun then design your outdoor living space.
  9. Get your lighting planned before inviting the electrician to quote. Be sure you know what you want in each room to make these changes cost effective.
  10. What makes this house special and different? Take a good look for the little things that make a room attractive then accentuate them!
  11. Display your favourite pieces; design a cabinet, shelving or other ‘home’ for your books, ornaments, trinkets and treasures.
  12. Light switch and socket covers should fit in with your interior scheme. You can paint over the plastic ones or buy new if the existing ones are worse than grubby.
  13. If a radiator is really ‘in the way’ or overly large consider replacing it at the earliest opportunity with a modern alternative. Tolerate it by painting over it to match the wall – it won’t appear so intrusive.
  14. Re-design your utility room. Do you really need a sink or would extra work surface be more useful? Is there space for a second fridge/freezer? Can you fit in high level storage here?
  15. Make an impact with something big – a large piece of furniture, a picture or an ornament. What have you brought with you that you think is too large… think again, and try it.
  16. Personalise with art; find and hang the perfect picture for your new room.
  17. Pot plants add life and give a sense of belonging. When your visitors ask you what you’d like for your new home ask for indoor plants. A small collection looks splendid.
  18. Colour with confidence; use left over paints from your old house by mixing them up, then go mad in the smallest rooms. Remember to mix light colours only with other lights or darks with darks. Don’t mix light colours with dark colours or you’ll just get a muddy brown colour.
  19. Give a boring room some character with home-made wall panelling.
  20. Celebrate your new home with bunting. Keep it fresh for as long as possible and enjoy!

If you would like help with ideas for your new home get in touch!