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Yasmin Chopin image credit Christian Payne Interior designer writer 445 x 297

Yasmin Chopin: Interior Designer & Writer

Home is more than bricks and mortar. It is a reflection of who we are, it influences the way we interact with friends and family, it affects our wellbeing and it determines how we relate to the wider world. When rooms are higgledy-piggledy and corners get filled with junk, when things don’t work and never get fixed, home can be an overwhelmingly difficult place.

Cambridgeshire is where I live, it is home. For more years than I care to remember buying property doing it up and selling it has been an obsession and a pleasure. I studied for a post graduate qualification in Interior Design and Decoration at one of the UK’s foremost design schools and armed with a Diploma and decades of experience I embarked on a career in interior design. With each new house I have learned more; how a building is constructed, the value of architectural features, techniques to maximise a budget.

Love your home. Get in touch to book a two-hour consultation. ycid@yasminchopin.com 07831 231 664

See some of the homes I’ve worked on.

To share knowledge I write articles about home, place and interior space. And to develop the craft of writing I am working towards a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. It’s an exciting life. Take a peek. Visit my Journal.

Image credit: Christian Payne